Build And Maintain Beautiful Homes As You Always Wanted

We are here to solve the problem of building beautiful homes and maintaining it. Having an own house is a dream that everyone has but that comes to reality after sometime and mostly vanishes after all. It is because of the difficulty to maintain the houses after they are built. Repairing works of these houses have become a common issue of concern.

Waterproof your dreams

Don’t let water drain your loving house. Simple leakage and seepage is also not very likely. A house looks better when well maintained and grabs more attention and appreciation. The Lefong Building Service Pvt Ltd is well known waterproofing specialist. They work on all leakage and seepage problems including water leakage and seepage from ceiling or wall window frame etc, architectural leakage, structural leakage, etc. It works to build Epoxy coating, PU grouting, Torch or membrane, RC roof etc. They include simple process of working. By first analyzing the site of issue after the client calls them. The survey is free of cost and then after taking a look they provide their quotation. They proceed with the work once the quotation is approved. Only after the owner is satisfied they consider the work is done.

Building the ceiling

Hold on to the ceiling and restore it before it completely falls of. The timing is essential in these cases. Restoration is less costly and less time taking. The Lefong Building Service Pvt Ltd is well known roofing contractor Singapore. By restoring you can extend your roof life which has a lifespan of 10years normally. You can expand that to more 3 to 5 Years by restoring. It is more environments friendly and provides tax benefits. Look for the little breaks and cracks to secure them on time. Consult the expert for best assistance.

Maintain comfortable air

The Euro Hub is well known for aircon repair in Singapore. They take care of little things like check and clean air filter front panel cover; check of bio pure or deodorizing filter; clean and brush blower towel; clean and check evaporator coil; vacuuming of drainage system; checking of all setting etc and also have expertise in dealing with complicated issues by providing chemical wash. They are famous for their easy and fast availability, affordable rates, expert technicians, honest evaluation, flexible booking slots, same day repair services, complementary checkups etc.

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